​​Angels Helping Hands


☻ Over 400 Public School Districts, Colleges, Private Schools and Outreach programs have used our services. Florida recipients include Palm Beach, Orange, Miami-Dade and 70 other public school districts throughout the South.

☻ Over 200 Faith-based and Charter schools have also been serviced. After school education or charity participants include Boys & Girls Clubs, Hospice, I Have A Dream Foundation, Make A Wish, Foster Families, A Gift for Teaching, The Grove, Project Child, Youth Build and others.

☻ Over 25 Corporations/Government and Philanthropic entities participate in this program. Partners include the F1 DOE & AGO, Work Force, Auto Nation, Convergys, Delta Airlines, JMFE, JMF, Harcourt, ORMC Healthcare, Republic Services, Tech Data, TECO & Walt Disney World.

☻ Since 2000, over 31,000 computers have been provided to education entities directly through this effort.

☻ Our oversight has also allowed another 7,000 tools to go directly from corporations to education entities. Desktop or Laptop "Tier 1" (Dell, Lenovo/IBM, Compaq/HQ) commercial grade equipment has been delivered. The effort has been successful at delivering $5 million in benevolent cost savings. That equates to empowering 110,000 (+) students and young adult to advance their educational pursuits.

  1. Donate qualifying technology

    Desktops and laptop computers, hardware, and other related tools.              

  2. Subsidize recipients

    Subsidizing recipients getting the tools.

  3. Sponsor our program
    Be part of helping create a brighter future for thousands of students.





Our Mission

To help education facilities and students needing technology.

Our organization views technology as a catalyst tool that can bring about greater self-empowerment and increased productivity to advance learning for children & young adults. We see education and job skill preparedness as key components to help poor or struggling communities overcome their plight.

We facilitate a partnership process that captures technology from corporations so to channel high level "recently new" tools to education facilities at below market costs. The process eliminates "for profit" resellers and we combine charitable resources to create cost savings.

The goal is to create better economics "bigger bang for the buck: so that education entities can use their own funds in an empowered manner to solve some of the deficiencies and inequalities in classrooms and tech labs. All LEAP technology is refurbished, re-warranted & transferred to education partners.